Sissy Island: Home of Sissies

Welcome to Sissy Island, home of sissies! This is an alternate universe/special set of captions that focus on Sissy Island, an island set out in the Atlantic that developed separately from the rest of the world. On this island, while all girls develop normally, all boys who turn 16 and "come of age" are expected to dress, talk, and act like effeminate sissies! The actions of any boy after their "Sissy Sixteen" as judged accordingly; masculine boys are frowned upon, and the most feminine, swishy sissies are celebrated! Of course, some boys do not take kindly to this change of expectation; others try to act like sissies before they are required! But in some way shape or form, most become shapely and form-fitting, hairless and delicate, and continue to grow on Sissy Island...even when shocked outsiders visit!

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